Phone Repair

Fixing your iPhone or Android can be a hassle.
We are here to help!

Do you have a broken phone? Bring it in so we can repair it and give it as long a life as possible. For all your cell phone service needs, Gadget Repair Guys is the place to come! Need a loaner phone until your repair is complete? No problem. Gadget Repair Guys has a wide variety of top quality new and used phones that you may use, so there’s no need to be phoneless while waiting for your repair. We repair water damaged phones, cracked screens, broken charge-ports, software malfunctions and much more. We can even do something as simple as moving all your important pictures and contacts to a new device for you, so stop by today!

Different issues we fix:

Cracked iPhone & Android Screen Repair
Charging Port Repair
Motherboard Repair
Data Recovery
Software Repair
Battery Replacement

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